7 links in 7 days

Last time you told me you wanted to find out more about the Balkanisation of the Internet, this weeks links are below. The polls are open and you have until 5PM AEST Wednesday 29th September to tell me what you want to see.

7. As the world becomes more interconnected, there are multiple ways a brand’s image can be damaged or enhanced. See how a zoo accident could become a PR bonanza for Nintendo.

6. Discover how an Internet community is becoming a force for social change in America.

5. 90% of Google’s revenue comes from text ads. They need to diversify and find new revenue streams. First steps have been taken, but what else can they do? Vote for this option and I’ll discuss some of their Marketing Strategy options.

4. With over 145 million users, Twitter is a powerful force. But what happens when a security flaw undermines the site? Will this erode users trust? or is that just the risk of operating online?

3.  Don’t tread on me, bro! Google are fighting back against Government censorship. Cnet explain how.

2. When you purchase hardware you expect it to operate at full capacity. Right? Wrong. Intel are now selling full processor performance as an added extra. Smart marketing? or exploiting the consumer?

1. Ever been rick rolled? and just what’s the value of a meme to the copyright owner? I’ll give you a hint, Rick Astley can afford to buy a sandwich and a coffee. Just.


7 links in 7 days

Inspired by Channel 7’s, seven plays in seven days on the AFL coverage. Every week I will post seven pieces of content that i’ve found throughout the week with a clear eMarketing link. Vote in the poll at the bottom to tell me which of the articles you’d like to learn more about. The article with the most posts at 9am AEST on the Thursday after posting will get a full analysis. The cutoff for this week is Thursday 16th September.

So, without further adieu:

7. Like a dog with a bone, Stephen Conroy just won’t give up on the Internet filter. However, his stubborness comes at a substantial cost to the Australian people.

6. Christine Walker has completed a study analysing 4 months of tweets about the Big 4 banks. Perhaps unsurprisingly, complaints are similar in both rate and topic but guess which banks are treating Twitter as a one way tool?

5. The Economist suggests that the ‘open Internet’ as we know it may be about to become ‘closed’. They forecast that it will become eventually becomes regiocentric as it is torn apart by the desires of three competiting stakeholders. Governments, Large IT companies and network owners.

4. Call this a no-brainer, but if you are sending an email out then you really need to test it first. The Greater Western Sydney AFL club made two big errors in their most reason call to action. See if you can find them.

3. Not really an article but in this video Brian Solis suggests that ‘people’ become the ‘5th P of the marketing mix’. No matter how many times I watch this I cannot agree with him. To me it’s just a selective application about the role of promotion and ignores the differences between products and services.

2. It’s the news, but not as you know it. New Media Animation is giving the news a different focus and capturing a new market in the process. Every story is animated and whilst some liberal interpretations of the truth are used in the re-enactment, it’s worth it to see Tony Abbott protecting Australia

1. Did you know that Brazil recentlycompleted their census. Digitally. With cost and efficiency gains, surely this is a model that can be replicated in other developing nations.

So there we go, that’s the 7 links. Vote below and let me know what you want to hear more about.